This is a small crop from old vines planted in 1980, hand picked and fermented with its native yeasts. The grapes are more exposed at Solstice making the wine rich in phenolics.

The wine shows notes of peach and kiwi with a very subtle and delicate nose. This is a solid wine with broad shoulders on the palate and some pear and lemon flavors. The masculinity of this wine comes from a high phenolic content combined with a 13.5% ethanol and a 1.14% Residual Sugar. For all this, the wine is not sweet and shows perfect balance. The wine is truly cellar worthy and will age for a very long time (10 plus years).

We would recommend food that allows the palate to explore the wine: cheeses with fresh bread or a risotto

Alcohol: 13.5% Total acidity: 0.71% pH: 2.89 Residual Sugar: 1.14%.